Monday, June 4, 2012

Our First Trip the ER

God's timing for everything is perfect and he is watching out for us. Getting our health insurance set up in our new state has been a bit of a headache. Last week I was fairly certain that we had been approved but were still waiting for a start date and to receive our medical cards in the mail. We have been thankful for good health for the kids and that we haven't needed to see a doctor yet. Until last week.

Caleb decided it was time to make his first visit to the Emergency Room. He woke up in the middle of the night with croup. It was the first time either child had it so it was new to us. Between his barking he was gasping for air and unable to talk, so we were really getting worried. At 2 AM him and I headed to the children's hospital. In the back of our minds both Bob and I were worried that we would be dealing with any bills from the visit in a week or two, after he was all better, because we had no idea what our insurance status was at the time.

The very next day when I checked the mail we received the kids' insurance cards and can safely assume they were covered just in the nick of time! God or coincidence? You decide...

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