Friday, June 22, 2012

Passing on Technology

Bob is now back at Orlando working in the main office. While it's nice to be back in comfortable surroundings and working with modern equipment, we still feel doubts: we wish we could be overseas, serving in the "real work". Although we know consciously that the work God has us doing here in the US is just as vital in the big picture, it doesn't feel the same (to our pride and self-image).

It's nice to get occasional reminders and encouragements of how we fit in the big picture of the hundreds of Bible translations going on around the world. One way the IT department of Wycliffe USA supports language projects is by donating laptops that are rotated out of use by the US staff. They are sent out to translation projects that request them. By US business and technology standards the computer may be old, but national translators are glad to update their ancient computers. Recently Bob's team received this note from a team in Nepal who was recently given one of the laptops.

Thanks for your prayer and support to our Project . We got the computer along with its battery and cds. It's very helpful for our work. Thank you for it. Before we had two computers but those were really really old and did not work properly. Your donation came at the perfect time and will be very useful. We start our next translation training session in just two weeks. Please remember us in our prayers and thank you for your support. 
In Him, thanks, Peter
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