Thursday, June 7, 2012

Serving without going

When we resigned from Wycliffe we had some money in a special account to help us set up our home in Nigeria. Due to regulations on US non-profit organizations and the way these funds were categorized, we were not able to get these funds back and were able to choose another project to give to. We contacted our Nigeria colleagues for advice on what projects needed the money, and they sent us a list of projects in need of funding.

The project we chose was somewhat bittersweet: we will be contributing to upgrading the network at the main Nigeria Group office. This is one of the systems Bob would have maintained had we traveled there to work. It is a nice feeling that we continue to support the team there even though we are not able to go in person to work side by side. Missions all around the world have desperate needs for just this kind of practical, simple devices to help them accomplish what God's enabling them to do.

the Server Room at the Nigeria Group Office
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