Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"He gives and takes away"

Within the last week our family has heard about both new life and death within our circle of friends.  Another family serving with Wycliffe has been featured on many news outlets this week with the birth of quintuplets.  They were serving in Papua New Guinea before returning to the states for the high risk birth.  You can follow their story on their family blog, Jones' Clips.

On the darker side.  Through social media we found out that the 2 youngest brothers of friends from college drowned in another friend's pool.  This is tragic enough to lose your younger siblings who are full of life.  Its even worse when you know their story.  The eldest of the 6 siblings while in college was called upon to raise the youngest 3 while putting himself through school.  He was both brother and dad.   This group of siblings is tight knit and have experienced more than most families.  They had just spent the summer with their 2 oldest brothers and were returning home for school to start.

What hurts even more is the pool belonged to close friends who are now hit with the investigation and guilt of the situation.  The investigation is ongoing but for now there are lots of tears for 2 families that are too far away for me comfort.  
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