Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Big News

In addition to Caleb turning 2 we have had a lot going on for everyone in the family.

Bob got a side job developing a website for a friend.  This is something we have talked about doing but never pursued.  He is getting to learn some new things and enjoy the extra work.  He is also getting to try some new things at work and gain experience in some of the more advanced computer fields.

Cynthia is growing a baby in her belly and we will have a little boy in mid January.  We working with the same midwife who delivered Caleb and are excited to have this baby at home. Lydia is heartbroken its not a little sister.

Lydia has started a new year of home preschool and loves it.  We are using Raising Rock Stars as our starting point.  The most surprising part is she is learning to read!  It is very exciting to watch her learn new words and sound out words she doesn't know.

Caleb just turned 2 and is joining in for some of the home preschool.  He knows his letters and is starting to pick up his numbers.  His favorite activity is his train table.  He is transitioning to a big boy bed in Lydia's room and they are learning to share the room.

As a Family we are embarking on a new adventure of home ownership.  We have started the process and are looking for a house we can make a home.  This has never been a priority for us but it is something we are all excited about doing.  The kid enjoy running around in the bare and empty houses we look at.  
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