Friday, September 21, 2012

Logic of a 3 year old

Lydia and Caleb have been sharing a room for a few months now.  Caleb has a railing so he can't get out of his big boy bed with out help.  Lydia has learned that she can pull him over the side so they can play.  Thursday morning when Bob opened their door to say good bye before work, he saw Lydia but not Caleb.  He also noticed the closet door was shut, a rarity.

We have concluded that when Lydia left her room to go potty, to keep her brother in the room, she put him in the closet and shut the door.  Keeping him from leaving the room while she was gone...  She was told to just shut the door to the hallway and not lock her brother in the closet.

This morning, Friday, both kids were in their room to say bye to daddy, but Lydia had yet to go potty.  I found them an hour later actively watching PBS.  Today's theory is that Caleb escaped and Lydia didn't know how to get him back so they turned on their favorite shows.

The power of 2 little minds working together and the leading logic of a 3 year old!

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