Friday, October 5, 2012

Butterfly Garden Lessons

On the first monday of the month a botanical garden in town has free admission and story-time for kids. We went for the first time in ages this week.  Lydia has been fascinated by a couple butterflies that have been visiting our backyard.  So after the story-time we headed to the Butterfly Garden area.  She enjoyed all the colored flowers and seeing so many butterflies in one place.  She got pretty close to one.

I pointed out a box where chrysalises were being kept and reminded Lydia how caterpillars become butterflies.  I felt good making it a teaching moment.  I didn't know how much she was listening.

Bob got home late after helping a friend move and we had another friend over for dinner as well and in the middle of the meal Lydia told daddy and Mr. Brian the lifecycle of the butterfly from what we had seen at the garden!  No one was more surprised than me.

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