Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Challenge of Translation

(This article in the original form can be read at the Seed Company's blog and was written by some dear friends.  The Kambari language project is one that Bob visited on his trip last summer to provide internet to some remote language projects.) 
The impact of God’s Word, when translated in the heart language of a person, is evident in the dynamic faith of believers from the U.S. to Korea, from Nigeria to Peru. However, to reach that point, Bible translators face unique linguistic challenges like this, every day:
Challenge: Paul says in 2 Corinthians 7:2 to “make room for me in your hearts.” Translated literally in the Tsikimba language, the phrase “make room in your heart” is a local idiom for “hold and nurture a grudge.” Solution: The translators chose words meaning “open your hearts to us,” which means that Paul wanted to maintain good relationships with the Corinthians.
Tsikimba is part of a cluster of languages called Kambari. The Kambari Language Project seeks to meet the literacy and translation needs of this language, along with the related Tsishingini and Cishingini. Please pray for them and this huge undertaking, as well as Chris, who is helping the Kambari team with their administration and financial management. Praise God that the completed Tsikimba New Testament arrived in Nigeria earlier this year! Fewer than 1 percent of Tsikimba people are Christians, so pray for God’s Word to penetrate this community.

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