Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No Longer a Foreign God

“Bible translation brings life transformation.  Their worldview changes when they know God speaks their language. He’s no longer a foreign God.” 
Peter Munguti, general secretary of Bible Translation & Literacy of East Africa:

Many in Kenya’s Bibleless people groups believe their languages have no value. Peter, the man quoted above, told this story recently: “A man in the Sabaot community of Western Kenya prayed aloud in his mother tongue in a gathering. Afterward, another man stood up and apologized to God for him praying in a language God wouldn’t understand; he then prayed in Swahili so God would understand.”

Peter’s passion for his people to know Jesus began in 1989 while at the university. “I was blessed to have been born in a community where the Bible was available,” he said. “When I received Christ as a young man in college, I became aware of people groups in my country who don’t know Jesus because the Bible is not available in their language.”

To read more about Bible Translation in Kenya visit the Seed Company

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