Monday, November 26, 2012

A Manatee Adventure

  Recently I had my 28 week appt for our new baby who is coming in Janurary.  This appt involves a blood draw and glucose test.  I am very fortunate that my midwife uses a 50g Carb breakfast instead of a heavily sugered drink.  Bob joined the kids and I for the appt so the timing would be right and then we had a fun family day afterwards.  THe midwife's office is setting up a second location so at the last minute we discovered we were driving to a new location.

 The directions we used took us needlessly through extra towns but it did let us see a sign for Blue Springs State Park, winter home to hundreds of manetees.  So after the appt we went to look for manettes and saw at least a dozen.  The kids played on a playground and we had lunch at a local diner. It was a great family day.

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