Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter 2013

We had lots of fun and perfect weather for Easter weekend.  We got an extra day with Daddy with him having the holiday off.  The big kids found lots of eggs at the church egg hunt on saturday.  And on Sunday we celebrated with our church at a local High School auditorium that was twice the size of our church building to hold all the holiday visitors and guests.  

On the way home from church we experienced something new, Easter traffic.  The Catholic church near us is rather large and only has one entrance on the only road to our house.  We got to sit in traffic going to the Catholic church for 20 minutes on our way home from church.  If we hadn't experienced this same traffic jam, to a lesser degree, on a different Sunday we might have been more surprised.  
Easter Traffic, who knew?

Dressed to Celebrate!

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