Saturday, August 16, 2014

Emerging from the Chaos

This space has been quiet for too long.  Life has been overwhelming for too long.  That last baby threw our family in to chaos for much longer than we expected.  We have learned some new medical jargon and added things to our life along the way. We have found our new normals and dare I say we have survived!

Our baby is not a baby any longer.  He is has been walking for months now.  He gave up the highchair this month at the same time big brother gave up diapers.  Now he sits at the table with everyone else and demands to eat exactly what everyone else is eating.  His food allergies can make this a challenge sometimes.  At his 18 month well check up we got some exciting news we have been waiting to hear for a year.  Andrew finally made a positive jump on the weight charts and he is finally back on the charts.  Thanks to special formula, enzyme replacements, a milk and soy free diet.  This mama's tears where not in vain.  Our boy is growing strong at 22 lbs (19 months)

We had spaghetti this week and there would be no denying Andrew what was on everyone else's plate so he was stripped down to his diaper, and dug in.  He ate a plate full.  And of course a bath was waiting for him afterwards.  

Coming up in the next week, Kindergarden, birthday party, soccer, and a new family schedule.  
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