Thursday, January 8, 2015

Andrew's Health update: Dismissed!

 Grandma came to visit when Andrew was born. When it was time for her to leave, I remember wanting to pull at her ankle and beg her to stay.  Having her around was keeping us all sane.  Andrew was already starting to have colic and putting him down for the night could take hours, only to have to start it again when he woke up to eat the next time.

Being our third child we knew a couple of things about babies and had some expectations about what to expect.  But He rewrote our parenting book.  Every evening for months it was a lottery if he would go to bed easily or if it would take hours.  The pediatrician dismissed it as colic.  But we had other suspicions not that we knew exactly but this couldn't be normal.  

Finally at 6 months old we switched pediatricians and started seeing a GI specialist.  at 11 months it was time to do some real investigating and Andrew was sedated for some exploratory scopes to look at his digestive track and see where the problem lie.  We got the results back the week of thanksgiving.  We had something to be thankful for this year.  The tests came back with no visible concerns but the lab work showed 2 different issues.  He was allergic to cows milk and soy, AND his pancreas was not producing some of the enymes needed to digest the food he was receiving.  Changing his formula yet again, and adding some enzyme replacement medicine solved the issues.  

The only remaining issue was for him to catch up on his weight now that he could actually use the food his body was taking in.  We were also told it would not be unreasonable for him to outgrow these issues.  

Today we saw his GI doctor and received the news we were waiting on.  Lab work that was completed late last year confirms that both the enzymes and allergies are no longer affecting Andrew.  We can wean him to cow's milk to drink and feed him a worry-free diet.  

Andrew will be 2 later this month and we are more than excited to give him his very own birthday cake to smash and eat to his heart's content.  His speech skills are behind but the great team helping him catch up isn't worried.  He has been too busy using his Cute super powers to charm everyone he meets.  
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