Monday, January 5, 2015

Ready, Set... Homeschool!

I told myself in August this year I would let my daughter attend traditional school, in our case public for the whole year and it would be best for our family to homeschool starting the following year for 1st grade.  And then the 'itch' came, I missed learning with her.  and then the teacher left and she had to switch classrooms.  I was expecting to not like everything about school, but i didn't expect 10 minutes of recess, and fundraiser forms brought home the first day of school.  I was scared to jump in fully and commit to homeschooling.  Doing preschool was a fun way to fill our time, now the stakes felt higher.  I didn't want to give up my peaceful afternoons when 2 were at school and the youngest was napping.  But I missed her and I missed teaching her.  So we jumped in and aren't looking back.  It feels right somehow.  So we are piecing it together and starting 1st grade for my almost 6 year old on monday.  Here we go!
Field trip to the zoo when the grandparents visited for the holidays

We are planning to use:
Spectrum Math grade 1
Spectrum Language Arts grade 1
Spectrum Writing grade 1
Magic Tree House books
American Girl books
and whatever else we find along the way.  
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