Monday, January 19, 2015

Restless & Refocused

Last spring, almost a year ago now, I got invited to a Bible Study.  The group was formed out of one woman's desire to find community.  We used a brand new study by a woman I had never heard of, Restless by Jennie Allen.  My expectation was to meet some new people, learn some new bits about the Bible and have a night with the ladies and away from the kids once a week.  

The study used Joseph's life as a frame work for us to examine our own lives and what God is calling us to.  It is about being made for more than we are doing, and we become restless as a result.  The more I worked through the study I was amazed how I was seeing experiences, friendships, interests, and hurts connect to not only make me who I am now but as a foundation to launch me into my small part of God's big story.  

It changed my life.  I was in the mundane of diapers with 2 kids with special needs we were just beginning to discover and address.  I needed to be pulled out of the overwhelming of the now, and reminded of the purpose behind it all.  How the details don't matter, and the season we are in doesn't last forever.  

Here we are a year later and our family is almost on auto pilot for our daily chaos and I have room to breathe.  I have been chewing on the truths God taught me all year long.  Jennie Allen's team is hosting a conference to gather women together with God.  The first year it went better than they expected and they didn't have enough room for everyone who wanted to come so they offered a live-cast.  This year they are doing it again but its all about the live-cast and meeting where we are, with those around us to encounter God.  

The disciples preached what they had heard and seen Jesus do.  And I am doing the same.  God used this simple study to change me and reignite my calling, and I can not be silent I have to share it.  

February 6 &7
"If God is Real, Then What?"

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