Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thank you God for Bananas

I love when God gives us concrete in your face, undeniable moments to see he cares about the details in our life.  One of my favorites is when God gave us a hat for Bob.  Last week he gave us a bundle of bananas

We do our grocery shopping on a weekly basis.  This weeks shopping trip ended up happening on monday with all three kids in tow, and it was raining.  It was a trip I was regretting making and knew would be difficult from the moment we pulled into the parking lot.  It was a 5 minute drive from home.  But we were out of bread and milk and eggs so it had to be done.  Usually we start at Aldi
and then go to Publix for the items we couldn't get at Aldi.  While we were shopping the rain got worse and became a downpour.  One of my kids is terrified of being in the rain.  I got my shopping done while trying to keep the running down the aisles and vocal levels reasonable.  We usually pass over the bananas at Aldi because they are very green and don't ripen well we have found.  We bought other fruit.   We purchased our food and bagged it up and started to wait out the rain.  My patience was running thin and another stop was not in the cards especially with the extra work of unloading and loading the car in the rain.  We went home and did without the missing items on the list that didn't get picked up at stop #2.  No big deal, we will get them next week.

That was monday, Wednesday night we were at church for mid week classes.  As the night was wrapping up we spent a few rare moments talking with our Pastor about some upcoming events we are involved in, when the person closing the Cafe suddenly asked if we eat bananas.  Startled we said yes and remarked how we do but not at the moment we were out and didn't get any this week.  "Here you go God knew and here have these."  OUr kids had been running around and as kids always do told us they were hungry.  So we broke a banana off the bunch and told them what had just happened and we all celebrated that God gave us bananas.

God really does care about the little things.  
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