Monday, January 12, 2015

What worked for us: Dolphins

We had a lot of fun with our first unit:  Dolphins.  We used Magic Tree House #9 Dolphins at Daybreak as our outline.

We colored pictures of dolphins while we listened to the book.  Lydia enjoyed having something to focus on while she listened to the story.  We also used one of the journal prompts to practice our writing and remember what we were learning.  We found some great pages at

The Magic Tree House lands on a reef where the children climb in a mini sub and discover a coral reef.  The only way to describe a reef to see one so we found a video.  Then we could really imagine the bright and colorful things Jack and Annie saw.

We bought a set of children's encyclopedias a while back at a used book sale.  Lydia will even take them to bed to read.  She found a project to make a model of the ocean in a large clear plastic bottle.  So we spend one afternoon building it.
We added sand from the sandbox and shells we had gathered from previous trips to the beach.  There was even a boat to float on the surface of the water.

The Magic Tree House website has a great teacher page, the Teacher Club, with activities and resources for each book.  We looked at Fact Tracker Dolphins and Sharks and used the handouts to learn what practical ways we can help protect the ocean and also to chart the differences between sharks and dolphins, both important animals in our story.

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