Friday, February 27, 2015

Vacation Recap

The original purpose of our travels was joyous, Bob's brother got married and we wanted to celebrate with him, He also asked Bob and Lydia to be in the wedding.  So we prepared and flew across the country to Colorado for the festivities.  Preparing a family of 5 to go from sunny warm Florida to Colorado winter was an undertaking in itself.  We had one suitcase devoted to all the winter weather gear, which was promptly opened as soon as we picked it up at baggage claim to suit up.

Andrew mad the flight eventful.  He decided to get sick not once but twice, making a mess all over himself and his carseat he was riding in on the plane.  The second 1/2 of the flight he slept in mama's lap.
We had leisurely day of travel to the cabin we were staying at.  The kids couldn't wait for our destination so they had a snow ball fight at the car rental lot.

Andrew threw up a bit more at breakfast but he seemed ok so we carried on.  We spent time with the Bride's family and helped with last minute preparations for the festivities, including jazzing up Lydia's flower girl basket.

Mom woke up feeling under the weather, and stayed on the couch or bed all day.  We stayed home and rested for the rehearsal in the evening.  Thanks to Powerade we made it to the rehearsal only to have Lyda announce she wasn't feeling good, and rush to a trash can.  WE skipped the rehearsal dinner and went home to contain the sickness and hopefully heal for the big event the following day.
The big question: Would there be a flower girl?

Overnight Caleb joined Lydia in being up throughout the night withe the bug.  Mom was still not feeling great so daddy handled it like a pro.

Saturday - Wedding day
With the help of Gatorade everyone was feeling up to it and we all made it to the wedding.  Lydia rocked her flower girl duties.  Bob was handsome and supportive as Best Man.  Caleb slept through the reception and Andrew eventually joined him in dreamland.  Lydia danced with the best of them and won hearts.  A snow storm moved in during the party and driving home was treacherous but we made it safely.

We planned to ride a cog railroad up to Pikes Peak, but the snowstorm caused it to be canceled.  We couldn't have gotten out if we wanted to, we were snowed in.  The last man standing finally fell, and Bob came down with the bug.  So he spent the day in bed.  Bob's family stopped by with some treats for the kids, we would have seen them on the railroad trip.  So movies and Dish TV were enjoyed by all as a treat.

 We were hoping to visit Focus of the Family with Bob's family before they left town but the office was closed for the snow and cold anyways.  It was so cold we stayed home again with our plans canceled.  We were able to venture out for dinner with Bob's family before they departed down early the next day.  Monday evening was the only time that all 5 of us were feeling good the entire trip and it lasted only a few hours.

Learning to Sled with Mom

Mom was feeling bad again.  This time with was chills and headaches.  I never felt 100% after getting knocked down at the beginning of the trip.  I slept most of Tuesday and the kids had some chances to play in the snow and learn to sled.

Our last full day in the Colorado Mountains, Mom was still knocked out and not feeling any better.  Andrew had started sleeping more, eating less and being clinging for daddy.  While Mom continued to rest and Andrew took his nap.  Bob headed out with the big kids to at least see something.  They went to Focus of the Family.  Focus has a visitor center where you can visit the locations from the radio drama Adventures in Odyssey, a new favorite at our house.  Mom was still sick so contemplated  splitting up and me not flying home with the family sick.

Thursday - Travel day
We gave ourselves 2 hours for the airport, and 90 minutes to drive and return the rental car, for our 11:45am flight.  But there was a new 4 inches of snow overnight, and we are rusty snow drivers so we took it extra slow.  We had a long line to check our bags, security was not moving fast, we had 2 bags chosen for extra screening.  Mom wasn't feeling well still so I wasn't moving as fast.  In the end we missed our flight by minutes.

We were but on standby for a flight with a layover in St. Louis but we didn't make the cut.  When were pushed to another flight, the attendant was kind enough to work with us and instead of keeping us on another standby list, they added us to a later direct flight, and we flew home at 6 pm.  And finally crawled in to our own beds at 1am.  Thankful to be home.  I"m still feeling sick but its so much easier to deal with being home and with out the added factors of altitude and the drier climate of the mountains.

So as Bob said, this with be the vacation by which all future bad vacations will be judged in our family.  
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