Sunday, May 28, 2017

Turning the Page to a New Chapter

After many cryptic posts on Facebook and questions about #moving on my posts, we can final share what we have been up to.  We are ending our time as Florida residents and moving back to the Midwest to be closer to family.  Last week we had the final pieces to the puzzle fall in to place when Bob accepted a new position at the University of Illinois in the Technology Services Department.

While we love Florida and call it home as a family of 5 our extended family are all in the Midwest and it is time to be closer to them as where family is also home. This spring my dad developed some on going back issues and we want to be closer to help out.

Since we have started preparing for this move earlier this spring we have seen God's hand in it, both preparing us when we didn't know what was coming and in the details as we move forward.

#1  God prepared us for the change!  Since last fall we have been restless and were thinking about and considering moving within Orlando, finding a church closer to our house, and looking for a different job.  All things that are now changing with our big move.

#2  God has been faithful!  When we had to shut the door completely on a local move,  answered our prayers on hearing something on a new job the next day.   Bob got his first interview request that day.  For the job he has now accepted.

#3  God goes before us!  At Mother's Day I visited my parents and was able to look at houses.  The market we are selling in is very hot and favorable for us to sell, While where we are buying is much slower giving us more time to look and make offers.  The home we are hoping to buy is currently a homeschooling family and even has homeschooling neighbors we are told!  Which will be great to make some early friendships.

We already know we will miss the sunshine and weather of Florida, and I'm not looking forward to relearning how to drive in ice and snow but family WINS!  We are looking forward to family dinners and afternoons with Grandma and day trips to see the kids new baby cousin!

Our first cruise, earlier this month, May 2017
We set sail for our next adventure on June 23, when we celebrate our 10 year college graduation at the beach with friends before heading north.  Bob will start his new job July 5th.  
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